Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan
Prime Minister of AJ&K

Barrister Iftikhar Gillani
Minister E&SE

Mr. Zahid Khan Abbasi
Secretary E&SE

Project Objective

The main Objective of this project are providing equal opportunities of basic quality education to all school age children to remove this existing social inequalities. Project will also provide access to free quality basic education services for children in un-served and under-served poor and disadvantaged communities by increasing access and retention.


After implementation of the project the literacy rate of the area will increase. More than two thousand new students will be enrolled of these 60 schools and more than 7 thousands students directly benefited by this project. Social-economic standard of individual and society will improve. The quality of life of more than 0.300 million people of this un-served and under-served area will improve and same will benefited on completion of this project. Project will introduce Public Private Partnership for the delivery of quality education services.