Support to Basic Education Development


Project Objective:

The overall objective of this project is reconstruction of 277 schools in AJK and provide better education & to ensure the equal opportunities for all children to quality basic education. More specifically, the project will contribute to improving access to quality basic education for girls and boys in AJK. The project will also improve the quality of teacher training and provide inclusive environment in schools.

Outcomes & Objectives:


* Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of 277 schools,

* Contribution towards enhancing human and economic development through the provision of quality ofuniv3ersal basic education

* Provide textbooks, teaching and learning materials.


The impact will be accelerated social recovery in flood affected areas. It will improve learning environment and quality of education. The outcome will be critical education services resumed with flood resilient infrastructure. Through this project the literacy rate of the AJK will be increase from 67% to 95% in 5 years. After the completion of this project more than 52,000 children will have access to quality basic education ad more than 3898 staff will be trained.